Learn How to Protect Your “Stuff” in 3 Easy StepsFREE Estate Planning Workshop!

Thursday, July 11th 5:30 PM (CST)

3 Easy Step FREE Estate Planning Workshop

During this must-see event, top estate planning and elder law attorney Sayge Grubbs will
detail the three steps involved in protecting your “stuff ”: knowing the rules, knowing the
threats, and knowing your options. You will also learn:

•How to protect your hard-earned assets from the high cost of long-term care and
other threats

•How to avoid the delays, frustration, and expense of probate

•The 7 reasons you need an estate plan

•The key planning documents everyone needs—and why

•Eligibility requirements for Medicaid and other sources of financial assistance to pay
for long-term care

•The benefits of long-term care insurance

•The advantages of trusts and the planning objectives they can help you achieve

•How to minimize or avoid estate and other taxes

•And more!


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